Through FDI, Practical Resources, LLC offers an exclusive member that gives you access to an array of financial restoration solutions, such as CreditTrax, EquityTrax, and many others.  Combined to put you on tract to a debt free lifestyle, our team of experts will make sure that financial freedom is in reach for all members.

EquityTRAX will help you eliminate all of your debts including your mortgage in as little as 8-12 years and in most cases without it costing you an extra penny!

Your Journey to Financial Independence STARTS with the EquityTRAX Personalized Fact Finder. We could give you lots of complicated formulas, amortization schedules, debt pay-downs, and savings calculations, but the bottom line is simple. EquityTRAX works by repositioning your assets and expenditures to your advantage. This reorganization follows a four step process that we call “the pathway to financial independence.” If a family is able to maintain a balance in these four areas, financial success is mathematically guaranteed.


CreditTRAX – Our One-Stop Credit-Restoration Destination is a credit repair program designed for anyone who has a credit history they would like to have amended. Whether you’ve had a major credit set-back in your past or you just have a few blips on your credit screen, our CreditTRAX program can assist you in restoring your credit history back to the best shape it possibly can be.

Take advantage of CreditTRAX today and let our staff of credit experts conduct a thorough review of your records. We’ll work to put you back on solid financial footing. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of excellent credit once again!


Get Started Today For FREE!


We have put together a self-help guide to improve your credit scores, on your own time.  Just click the picture below and register for Credit Repair Secrets REVEALED!



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